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Finding a New Construction Home in Scotch Plains, NJ



Scotch Plains, New Jersey is a borough in Union County that is filled with single-family detached homes on peaceful tree-lined streets. Learn ounore about finding a new construction home in Scotch Plains, NJ with tips and recommendations below.

Quick Facts About Scotch Plains:

In 1684 and 1685 Scotch Plains village was settled by Scottish immigrants who had landed at Perth Amboy under the leadership of George Scot, calling it Scot’s Plains. In these early days Scot’s Plains was part of West Fields (later Westfield) which in turn was part of Elizabethtown.

During these times, there were only 8 families in the original settlement, who lived in farms, cottages and log cabins. Daily travel was by using horseback on Indian trails which were later became wagon wheel tracks. These paths became our present main streets: Front Street, Park Avenue, Martine Avenue, Raritan Road and Westfield Road. With the current population of 22,583 as of July 2007 according to City-Data, it’s becoming Scotch Plains in New jersey is becoming a popular suburban town to raise a family, live close to NYC, and easy access to the shore points.

We have put this guide together for you on tips on finding a new construction home in Scotch Plains, NJ and some of the benefits in living in this great town.

Tips for Finding a New Home Construction site in Scotch Plains, NJ

Scotch Plains has several options in newly constructed homes. To locate the perfect option that best suits your needs and budget you will want to take a variety of steps.

  • Find a Realtor in the Area – Locate a licensed realtor in Scothc Plains that is knowledgeable and familiar with the area. Discuss what your needs are and that you are seeking out a new home construction site.
  • Locate a Licensed Builder – There are a variety of builders in the area that you can choose from. However, you will want to assure that they are licensed in the state of New Jersey. This will prevent any problematic issues in the future. You can search your community, online or ask friends and family for referrals to reputable builders in the area.
  • Check References – Once you have a few licensed builders in mind, ask for references. Contact the references to see how their experience was with the specific builder. You can also check online for reviews about the builder. Ask a variety of questions including, if they were happy with the service they received and if the end result is what they were seeking.
  • Choose a Location – Once you hire the real estate agent and the licensed builder, decide on what type of site you desire. Keep a picture in your mind such as plenty of trees, isolated areas or open space. Think about what type of scenery you would like to see when you look out the windows of your new home. Explain in detail what you are looking for so the perfect site can be located.


Benefits of Living in Scotch Plains, NJ

Easy Commutes and Low Crime

Scotch Plains is a prime location that is close to New York City which allows residents to have an easy commute. Major roads include Garden State Parkway, Route 22 and Route 78. Scotch Plains is a low crime area. While crime is low when compared to other neighborhoods in New Jersey, it occasionally has a small amount of crime with burglaries and auto theft being the top crimes in the area.

Parks and Recreation 

Scotch Plains has a variety of different parks for you and your family to enjoy. The most popular parks in the area are Watchung Reservation and Echo Lake Snack Bar and Boat Rental. Watchung Reservation is a 2,000-acre wooded park where plant life and animals are protected. You can enjoy fishing, walking trails, horseback riding, picnicking and plenty of natural scenery.

Our process is simple hassle free. The certified and licensed builder will take charge and guide you through the entire process. Patience is needed during this process and the builder will be by your side every step of the way. Your goal is to communicate your vision and needs for your home and keep a realistic time frame in mind. Remember that there are permits and other issues that come into consideration during the building process. The main focus is to locate the perfect property that will suit you and your family’s needs for years to come.

To learn more about available new construction homes in Scotch Plains, NJ, please contact us today.

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